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Jenn Snyder, Motivational Speaker, Charlotte, Sharing Stories of Kindness


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We are all capable of affecting change in this world, even with our hectic schedules. In 2007, while watching a news broadcast that changed my life, I acted and made a decision to help. I didn’t change the channel. Learn about what happened here.

Jenn appears on PARADE Magazines web site. Jenn tells her secrets about how to make a difference with PARADE Magazine. In the article she tells the story about helping a 2 year old child and his family after he witnessed the murder of his mother by his Police Officer father.  Read more…

We are continuously amazed by the selfless acts performed by others, and know that hearing them can help inspire others so share your story and tell us about your Don’t Change the Channel moment.

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“Don’t Change the Channel” is the inspiring story of how one woman didn’t look away from a news conference on TV, and chose to help a family whose lives had been devastated by a mother’s murder. Jenn’s outpouring of energy and care led to others being inspired and giving their all to help. Within three weeks of that news conference, a community- wide festival was held, a college trust was established, and the family had a new house and renovations donated to them.

This book motivates people to seize the moments in their lives to help others. No matter where you are in your life and how busy you are, you can make a difference. Step-by-step instructions are given on how to get involved, find a cause that you are passionate about, and make your time and efforts effective and productive. The book also focuses on the unique abilities of businesses, children, college students, and retirees to give, with different strategies at different ages.

“Don’t Change the Channel” is an empowering book about how you can use your skills and time to make the world a better place.


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