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Jenn Snyder, Motivational Speaker, Charlotte, Sharing Stories of Kindness

120 Stories of Kindness from the Classroom

120 Stories of Kindness from the Classroom

Once I saw a homeless guy sitting next to the McDonald’s sign & I gave I’m him $5 for food.

When I was in Miami with my aunt and parents we were watching the new movie, Avatar.  My dad left his wallet on the seat.  When he found out he ran like the wind back to the theater to get it.  But it wasn’t there!  Luckily, an old couple had found it and caught up with my dad to give it back to him.  My dad was so grateful he gave tried to give them some money, but they turned it down.

This Christmas, instead of my family exchanging gifts with each other, we adopted an underprivileged family.  My job was to pick out batman toys for a four year old boy named Josh.  It felt really really good to know I was giving someone a better Christmas.

My dog was lost and after hours of looking for her a man found her and brought her home.

We helped a homeless person by giving them food and money and giving them dog food for their dog.

A girl was walking in the hallway and she dropped all of her books, so I picked up her belongings and helped her out.

My car was stuck in a snowbank and we couldn’t get it out.  Then some people that we didn’t know pulled up beside us and began to help us push our car out.  They were able to get it out of the snowbank.

My cousin got kicked out of his house, so we let him stay with us.

One day I had gotten really depressed, a girl who I sometimes talked to who is kind of my friend listened to me and was nice about it.

My step dad was in a restaurant and some random guy started choking and he saved his life.

In band I dropped my binder and all of my things fell out and a complete stranger helped me pick it up.

About 2 weeks ago I was at the basketball courts someone stole 2 phones.  I found out who it was and got the phones back and returned them to the people.

When I was 9 years old my church took a trip to an adoption home and there was a little boy with a Christmas list, and all that was on the list was a Game Boy so I took money out of my account and bought it for him.

Whenever I go into a store I hold the door for the next few people.  I usually always get thanked for doing it.

My dad gave a homeless person a taco from Taco Bell.

Me and my stepbrother and his friend were biking when we saw a guy laying under his car and we wasn’t moving.  We called 911 and he went to the hospital and we saved his life.

My family & I have offered a place to live to a friend’s daughter so she can finish high school.  Her family lives far away and her mother is very sick.  She dropped out of school in 2007 to take care of her mother.  She is 21 years old now and wants to finish high school.  We are helping her achieve her goal by taking her and picking her up from school every day and by offering  a place to live that is safe and healthy for her.

I found a dog alone walking so I took it home and fed it and washed it.  Then I saw a lost dog poster.  I called it then I gave the dog to the owner and I felt very happy.

My friend’s life was going downhill and he wanted to end his life (this was before I knew him).  My friend gave me his number and I texted him a few nights later.  He recently told me that I made his life worth living because he doesn’t know what he would do if he didn’t know me.

One day when I was at my house I saw my neighbor’s dog wandering outside and there were several cars going by so I decided to take the dog back to its owners.  They were outside looking frantically for their dog.  When I got to them they thanked me many times and I felt like I did something good.

Me and my family were at the beach and in the boat next to ours were some grandparents with their grandson.  We all went on a walk around the island together and then the little boy came running towards us and showed us his grandmother, she was having a seizure.  I remembered that people having seizures sometimes bite their tongue and choke.  So I got her sunglasses and her husband put them in her mouth so she wouldn’t bite her tongue.  Then I took her grandson for a walk so he wouldn’t see her suffering.

When my 1 year old cousin died, my aunt, uncle and cousin were devastated.  They had just lost someone that was very important to the whole family.  They didn’t have enough money to pay for the funeral.  So their pastor offered to pay for it.  We all thought that was really nice.

My uncle let me live with him because my mom moves around a lot.  But my uncle didn’t have a house big enough for me and his whole family, so over the summer my grandma gave us her house because it is bigger and now we have enough room.

Once at Super Target a lady dropped a handful of stuff.  So I grabbed a cart, brought it to her and helped her put her stuff into it.

The other day my brother was rushing to get to hockey on time and I realized he wouldn’t have time to eat so I made him a sandwich and put his hockey stuff in the car for him.

I helped my best friend stop overdosing because she didn’t believe that life was important because some bad things had happened in her life.

Whenever I feel sad or something like that, my friends are always there for me to comfort me and give me the hug I need J <3

When I was 12, my parents got in a huge fight and almost got a divorce.  My best friend took me in and her family allowed me to stay with them for 3 weeks.  Without her, I don’t know where I would be now.  I am also now considered part of their family <3

My guidance counselor in 3rd grade took me to the hospital because I couldn’t breath.

One day we were at the Publix Pharmacy and I was sick and we had to pay $40 for the medicine.  Out of nowhere some lady gave my mom $50 to pay for the medicine and the extra $10 to just have.

One rainy day I had to walk home from school and I lived way down the street and someone gave me a ride home.

When I was 7 years old I fell out of a 25 ft tree.  I had broken my wrist and gotten a concussion.  My friend’s dad found me in the park and carried me to my house.

One time, my brother and I were stuck at the golf course.  We had no phone and so we couldn’t get hold our parents.  It was 8 o’clock at night and a complete stranger walked up and let us use his phone so we could contact our parents.

One day in 7th grade we were playing football on the field (the night before I had injured my arm in football.  I tripped over this one kid and ended up breaking my arm.  I didn’t know what to do but the coach walked with me to the office and the nurses helped me out until the ambulance came.  They helped me a lot.

One time when I was a little kid I was in Chuck E Cheese and I got lost in the tunnel system for about an hour.  Finally some guy saw me crying and showed me the way out.

After I went with my father to his oil change, we pulled out of the garage and started to head out to the main road.  My father noticed that his car was pulling to the left but thought nothing of it.  As we were about to get out of the parking lot, a man jumped in front of the car.  He told us that our left wheel was missing 3 bolts!!  We might have gotten into an accident if this man didn’t say anything, but thanks to him we didn’t.

When I was on crutches my sister helped me out a lot.  Even though I insisted that she didn’t have to help me, she kept going out of her way to help me anyway.

So during the summer my 11 year old cousin from France was in Michigan with my sister and me.  He kept on being mean to my sister so finally I was fed up so I defended her.  He was never mean to her again J

A year ago my neighbor was diagnosed with breast cancer.  So I made pink heart earrings and gave them out and people gave donations.  I raised $700 for the “Susan G Komen” association in her honor.  Every Monday she had her chemotherapy and all of the donators wore their earrings every Monday.  About 7 months ago she died.

My brother and sister had gotten locked out of the house when they were little so the Fed-Ex guy stayed outside with them until my mom got home.  He gave them snacks that he had with him and was very nice to them.

My church was doing a thing called serving evangelism and for about 3 weeks we had been collecting groceries so we could give them to people that didn’t have any.  So my group went to a trailer park and we knocked on this ladies door and she had 2 young kids.  We explained to her what we were doing and she actually invited us into her house.  We told her what church we went to and why we were handing out groceries.  She began to tell us her life story.  She explained that the kids were not hers and their parents were killed in a car accident but they were her grandchildren.  She then told us that she was in the process of peeling her very last potato.  We gave her the groceries and continued to return to her house with groceries every few weeks.  She ended up coming to our church.  We also helped her financially and started the kids a trust fund.  She was able to get back on her feet and get a job and put the kids in daycare.

I helped my brother with his homework and showed him the best way to do things (even though he didn’t listen and ended up with a “C”).

A few weeks ago, my acting coach put together a fundraiser for this kid named Liam.  He has Leukemia and his parents didn’t have enough money to pay for his medical bills.  People came to the fundraiser and bought tickets to an upcoming show and we raised over $2000!!

Once when I lived in Virginia my friend got in a fight so I went to help him.  He was bleeding from a gash in his head so I knocked on my dad’s friends door and he took us to the ER.

My dad had cancer so he and my mom were always in the hospital and my mom didn’t have a job at the time and my dad couldn’t work so we couldn’t really buy a lot of stuff.  One day my neighbor got us a whole lot of groceries and paid for them.  That was really nice.

One time I was at the ice rink and my friends’ parents were supposed to pick me and my friend up, but the rink was closing and his parents fell asleep and couldn’t pick us up.  So while we were figuring out what to do a stranger comes up and asked if we needed a ride and she saved me from weeks of being grounded.

When I was 4 years old I was in Toys R Us and wandered away from my parents.  I ran around the store for a while but couldn’t find my family.  A lady has seen me running around and stayed with me at the front desk until my parents came.  She could have just walked by and left me alone in the store but decided to help.

One time for one my birthday parties, instead of receiving presents for myself, I had people donate toys & goods for children at the migrant workers mission.

In 2004 on September 9th I lost my dad.  He had been coaching a football team for the mini league super bowl all year long.  The team members and families knew about our financial situation after the funeral fees.  They set up a fundraiser to help us get by financially and we are forever thankful.

My parents made me quit the team of the sport that I really loved.  Everyone on the team shunned me when they found out (including one of the coaches).  No one talked to me except for one of the coaches.  One day after practice he saw me crying and asked me why.  When I told him, he talked to my parents and got them to put me back on the team.  He also had everyone apologize to me.

One time I found an Abercrombie wallet with lots of money and gifts cards (about $373 total).  There was an ID in the wallet so I returned it to the owner.

Last summer I was getting ready for my move and my best friend had talked about throwing me a going away party.  I told her it wasn’t necessary and that I didn’t want to have one.  Although I told her not to, she did anyway.  She went out of her way to invite my friends and schedule a party for me.  The more I think about it the more I realize she didn’t have to do that and she really went out of her way.  I’m so grateful she did though.  I had a great time!

Once I was locked out of my house and I was supposed to be walking to the bus stop but I forgot my homework and my phone was in the house.  So I couldn’t get inside and I just started bawling!  A lady drove by and asked if I was OK.  I told her I was fine and I continued walking to the bus.  It was very nice of the lady to stop and ask how I was doing.

We were at the grocery store and someone couldn’t afford all the food she needed so my mom paid for it for her.

My parents divorced when I was young and I ended up living with my mom.  Because their relationship wasn’t great afterwards, I went for most of my early life, as a baby and toddler, without a dad.  A friend of my mom’s noticed and wanted to change that.  Even as a young single guy he wanted to be an influence in my life.  Spending weekends, taking time off work and even by being on call 24/7 he changed my life.  I had the dad, or next best thing, that I needed in my life.  He came everywhere with us and I was practically his daughter and he was practically my dad.  Even several years late when we moved and my mom remarried, I continue to talk to him every week.

Every summer I go & volunteer at Moffitt Cancer Center and help the cancer patients.  They’re always telling me how much they appreciate me being there.

When my mom got cancer all the neighbors made us dinner every night to make it easier for us.

With my church one weekend, we went to a migrant outreach place somewhere near Ruskin to help with the needs of the workers.  We advertised some for the collection of clothes, shoes, food and sleep stuff.  My family and I, as we were getting ready for the annual garage sale, got together blankets, stuffed animals and clothes that my sister and I had grown out of.  Piling it all together, we gathered two big trash bags full of donations.  That Saturday, our group drove over to Ruskin with 20+ bags of donations.  I was amazed to see how many people were in need!!!  Some families had 5 children and so they really were in a crunch.  By the end of the day we handed everything out, but I will never ever forget the smiles on their faces, knowing how much we helped them J

I gave some extra change to people that needed it.

I was the team captain of a Relay For Life team that had no business or organizational backing.  Together, on our own, our team raised $1700!

I remember when I broke my arm.  I was riding my bike when my sleeve got stuck in the spokes.  I fell down and a girl on her bike ran over my right arm, breaking it in half.  Everybody was crowded around me.  When a woman that I didn’t know came up and started taking care of me.  Apparently she was a nurse and she stayed with me the whole time, even though she had her own kids to take care of.

One day while riding my bike with my mom, brother and neighbor on the bike trail in our neighborhood my brother and me were racing each other.  Suddenly I put on the brakes but I used the front ones and my back tire popped up.  Then my brother ran into the back of my bike.  I had scrapes and bruises on my face, arm and shoulders but my brother was fine.  I couldn’t ride my bike because I was hyperventilating.  So our neighbor just so happened to be leaving and stopped to see what happened.  She said she would my bike and us home.

My neighbor in New Mexico dropped off her kids at the bus stop one day and forgot to lock the door.  When she came home there was a man in her house with a gun.  He tied her up with a hair dryer cord to a chair.  He then held the gun to her head and asked her where her money was.  He took her money and left (not injuring her).  For the next couple weeks everyone was really kind to her and helped her with her kids.  She recovered because of everyone’s help.

My neighbor’s have a 3 year old son. One day he got his arm stuck in a barstool and it broke in several places.  His mom was the only adult home and she panicked and was in no condition to drive to the ER.  So my dad volunteered to drive her there.  Other neighbors babysat her kids and helped her out until her husband got back home.

One time I volunteered to clean up the Alafia River.  It was so messy but in the end it was clean.

This one time my dogs ran away and we could not find them and it was getting dark and late so we stopped looking and we fell asleep.  Then at like 3 o’clock this man was driving to work when he found the dogs and took them back to our house.

My mom got really sick and my grandma came with no notice and stayed with us for a week.

A close family friend of ours died of cancer.  My mom and I knew her well.  After her funeral my mom and I planted flowers in her memory in front of the neighborhood.  Every season we re-plant new ones.

One day I found out that my friend went to the hospital for her appendix rupturing.  My mom found out through me and she made dinner for her whole family.  It was so good because her family was freaking out because they were at the hospital the whole time and didn’t have dinner.

One day after coming home from school I opened the door and my yellow Labrador, Max, ran outside.  I went inside thinking that my mom would bring him back in, but he got left outside.  5 minutes later the doorbell rang.  My neighbor was standing there with Max.  She had been walking her 2 dogs and saw Max wandering around.  She knew Max was ours and took the time to bring him back.

Everyday people have problems in their lives.  Something that can make their day is a laugh.  Every day, at least once a day, people should laugh, which is why I make people laugh everyday by telling jokes.

One day while my parents were driving to go out to eat, they saw a couple on a motorcycle who were hit by a truck.  My parents drove them to the hospital.

When I was in 4th grade a girl found $100 and she gave it to the office.  In return she got a $10 gift card to Toys R Us.

One day I was walking and this huge Bull Mastif ran out of the neighbor’s house and they didn’t know it.  The other neighbors got scared and wouldn’t do anything.  So I caught this HUGE dog and returned it to its home.

One day I was walking home from the bus stop and I see this brown dog.  So being an animal lover, I run home and grab a collar and a leash and return to find the dog.  But as soon as I get close the dog runs away.  So I take off running after the dog.  After 10 minutes the dog stops near this house so I could get close enough to read her tag.  Her name was Maddie.  So I took her back to my house and called the number on the tag.  A few hours later the owner came by and picked her up.  They were very thankful.

One day someone offered me a smoke.  My friend Chris, who I knew all of my life, took it and smashed in on the ground and said “That’s bad for you”.  That’s a good friend.

I came home one night from church and found the house looking tastefully clean.  I walked around the house and no one was down stairs.  So I went upstairs and my sister was reading in bed.  Before she went to sleep I asked her why the house was so clean and she yelled “RAK’EM!”  I said “What??”  She said “Random Acts of Kindness”.  I was very thankful for a break in cleaning the house.

A few years ago when I lived in St. Louis, my brother’s friend experienced a tragic event.  One day his dad came home and shot his mom and almost shot him too.  He drove off and when he was on the highway he ran off the road and was thrown out of the car and died.  His aunt who was very young took him in.  She had very little money and yet she still took care of him and loved him.

One day at lunch my friend forgot his lunch and did not have any money.  I gave him my lunch money to go get lunch because I remembered that I had lunch money in my account.

My sister had a brain tumor and we held a beef & beer for us to raise money for the surgery to remove the tumor.  As we were there a radio person (don’t know who) went out of his way to give us $500 for the surgery.

In December 2009 I went with the SGA Angel Tree committee to Pinecrest elementary.  With all of the gifts that Randall students donated with us we waited for the kids to arrive, once they did we had lunch and they had their Christmas for 2009.  Seeing the kids faces light up with joy was the best feeling.   All of those kids were not going to have a Christmas so because of Randall Middle School they got a Christmas.  Thank you Randall Middle School.

I was in the market and I saw a little boy lost and I held his hand and we walked around the store until we found his mom J

My dad and I were at the gas station and a lady and her daughter came over.  She had run out of gas and had no money.  So me and my dad put our money together and gave it to her so she could get gas.

My cousin was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was little.  He and his dad built a tree house for him to play in, in honor of him getting cured.  Me and my siblings and cousins would all play in the tree house almost every day.  One day, the neighbors complained about the tree house being too high and distracting and told the police they needed to take it down.  They didn’t understand about why they had built the tree house.  But our family fought to save it and eventually we did.  My cousin survived cancer and is now 16 years old.

My mom has a daughter who lives in a small apartment that had many cracks and was just used.  And so me and my family gave her house a makeover.  We filled all the cracks and holes in the wall and then painted.  Then in the end we gave her some of the furniture that we didn’t need any more.

I was in Puerto Rico with my brother and we saw a guy beating up his girlfriend.  So we ran over and got in the middle of it so that he’d stop.  She thanked us for helping her.

My mom likes her dogs so when they run away she always panics.  One day her dogs ran away at night and she sent me after them.  While I was looking for them and guy noticed me calling for them and helped out by telling me that he saw them running a certain direction.  Because of that I found them and my mom calmed down again.

On August 15th 2008 I was in Orlando for my birthday with my two friends and my parents.  We made a wrong turn to go back to the hotel and so we turned around to get back on the highway.  When we were turning, a lady ran a red light and hit our car.  Our car flipped fully over and the lady kept going.  A random guy called 911 and helped us get out of the car.  When the ambulance finally arrived I got in with my mom and went to the hospital.  The random guy that called 911 took my dad and friends to the hospital to meet us.

When I was a little kid my brother and I would play outside all day.  One day we decided to take turns sitting on the skate board and pushing each other down our steep driveway.  Next door there was a big van so it was difficult to see who was driving towards us.  So I sat on the skateboard and my brother gave me a big push.  As I was rolling down the driveway my brother noticed a car speeding down the road so he ran to me and pulled me off the skateboard.  As I skidded on the concrete the car flew past.  And when I looked at my bloody hands I realized he saved my life.

Almost every night since 3rd grade I feel really sick at night.  Sometimes it takes hours for me to feel better. But every time I’m sick my brother always stays with me until I feel better, even if it takes all night.

Back in November a stray cat came to our back door scared and really skinny.  Not knowing where he came from we started feeding him.  Night after night he would come back.  We wanted to keep him, but had to get him to trust us.  Finally one night while I was feeding him he let me pet him.  We decided to name him Buddy.  After that Buddy became friendlier and friendlier.  But then he went missing for a week.  When he showed up again he was badly hurt and my sister immediately tried to help.  We took him to the vet but he was too badly injured so he had to be put to sleep.  The vet said that without our care he would have died long before.  Even though we didn’t get to keep him, we did the best we could for Buddy.

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